Crude EP


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Recorded and mixed by Chris V. at Freedom Music Studio
Artwork by Jaycob Puente

Vocals: Marcus Palacios
Guitar: Joshua Martinez
Bass: Rita Valentine
Drums: Jaycob Puente


released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


BAD IDEALS San Antonio, Texas


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Track Name: Over The Under
I can't decide on what I want in life
But in my mind I've figured it out a thousand times
Someone help save me from myself
When will this shit begin
I have lost all my friends
Everybody's up and gone
Someone tell me what am I doing wrong
I've felt like this for way to long
I wonder where I belong
I want it bad
I'm overdrawn
Someone tell me what am I doing wrong
Now in this day and age I realize that I don't want to be this way
Is this what I wanted or is it the price to pay
I don't wanna been this way
Day after day place after place I chase unknown notions of a faceless face
Lost mind of mine hanging on lies
I don't know the reason
I need the feeling
I need to know
At the end of the day I just like to say I don't give a fuck

Lyrics by Jaycob Puente & Marcus Palacios
Track Name: Recrimination
Listen pay attention because I'm back with a vengeance
You're so called grip was bound to slip it was a naive ascendance
Yeah they limited us but they did not eliminate
So fuck what you say I know there's hate
I feel in the air and the truth is that you're scared
They say treason is for the fiendish but I never really cared
See the lowest of the low could still pack a might blow
So be careful who you trust because honestly you'll never no a fucking soul
How long until you break
Your world will set in place when I got your face
Shattering all your convictions you hold dear
and nowadays all I do is interlace things chose not to embrace
You'll be left behind fully without a trace
The vicious tongues of timber seem so easy for your kind
You swear that its a talent said that talents hard to find
I've heard strange speakers
Voices just like mine
But you can't replace devotion for not many have the will for such a climb
You'll get to know me overtime
Why waist time your life your time to imitate
Keep on asking keep on thinking how long until you break
Why wait your life your time to imitate
Keep on asking keep on thinking how long until you break

Lyrics by Jaycob Puente & Marcus Palacios
Track Name: Ophidian (Bonus Track)
I was conflicted
You saved me
Inspired such devotion
So compelling
Treated my fresh wounds
Mended my heart
Truly charismatic right from the start
There's seven billion people
And fourteen billion faces
I should of known
I remember our first kiss when you became my bliss and I was no longer amiss
So enticing so endearing
Unreal feeling something fiction would depict
Sensual sensations causing new fixations I could not resist
Sincerely an enhancement a enchantment
Something I would not predict
I was sinking quickly I and did not mind one bit
But then it changed
You acted strange
Why so different
Why so distant
Why so instant
Were you ashamed
Did you feel caged
Were you playing games
I'm I just insane
I picked apart my brain
This doesn't feel right
I've lost my appetite
It keeps me up at night
Are you even worth the fight
Deep down I think I knew you were to good to be true
The bearing was rough I admit
To find that flesh that was mine wasn't shit
Could you not resist
I bet it's a habit
I heard if it's offered then you'll fucking have it
I don't want to know
Oh how your words did me bad
Tore me apart and I still wanted you back
I thought you were the one
To think I never really knew you leaves me numb
Now what have I become
You never gave a chance to grow
All of my fearful woes have been given life
Now is this all I know
I've never felt so low
Now will this be all I know
I'm letting you go
For what my eyes can't see my heart shall not ache for
But when the truth rears its head it always hurts more
Tried drowning my sorrows but there's not enough mixtures to subside the torment bewilderment It differs
Getting back to who I was took all that I possessed
Having to rebuild myself from whatever I had left
And I'm so sick of beating this ratchet tribulation
As for you I hope you enjoy your reputation
I know you will

Lyrics by Jaycob Puente
Track Name: Something Inside Me Has Changed
Out through the window all that I see is my whole life changing right of me
Deems me messiah
Nothings what it seems
A nuisance revival resembles a dream
Greets me as guest
A contract no less then a promise willing help form a stranger at best
Darkness falls
Potential prevails
World turning over
Shadows entails
How many more times must they give their lives
Pushing fighting fending at the dawn of night
Encounter calls
I give it my all
Killing the dead
Gun to my head
No answer
Pick your god pick your goddess to choose
The pupils must die
No eyes see at night
Welding to prosper to be more than suffice
Time beyond time
Constant paradigm
You fuse to survive or suffer lose your life
Luck of the draw
Legends gotta fall they all can't live forever
Nothings sacred no more
Don't say my name
Don't show my fate
I can't help but feel like something inside me has changed
Can't tell no soul
Can't tell no tail
No one will ever know my hell
Can you hear me out there
Tell me what must I do
Show yourself let me prove it to you
I've lost more then I've gained
I'm losing my sane
There's no way now how that thing are the same
I can't help but exclaim
I'm at the end of my rope
I'm giving up hope
Death I can't cope
Nobody knows
I'm going
So long good bye
Did I make a deference
Did I beautify
Did you ever know me
Should I even have tried
Oh a heart felt death when machines start to cry

Lyrics by Jaycob Puente & Marcus Palacios
Track Name: Crystal
Don't you ever regret all the things that you've said
Every painful second going through my head
Now that my skin has been shed
You find out who you really are after you're dead
I can't believe everything I knew was fake and pretend
I will never see the light of day again because god knows that I tried my best
But who would have thought you'd be my regret
I bet myself I wouldn't turn
A burden that yearns
A lesson unlearned
A thought that never occurred
Another poor soul lost in his ways
It's sad to say but it's to late to change
I know what it takes to break the urge
A mess of a man that you once were
You may think its a blessings but its really a curse
You have to stop now before it gets worse
You've immersed in the worst
Stop or you'll end up six feet under the earth
Another poor soul lost in his old ways
It's sad to say but it's to late for him to change
To late to change

Lyrics by Marcus Palacios & Jaycob Puente
Track Name: POV
Those concepts are lower case compared to upper strains of hate
Nose dive into lesser junk yard place to eradicate as we procreate
Following bodies from mothers wombs to fathers sperm
Sadistic kids that are yet abloom who want to watch the world burn
I don't mind
Blind me of my ethics
Risk to look pathetic
I've seen world collision lost passion and found new glories
Breached elusive ideals and died inside the making
Said fuck you I know everything and now its mine for the taking
Don't you underestimate because I'm not one to hesitate
I'm a clenched fist with a slit wrist with a sick mind who's full of hate
I'm just fine
Don't you test me motherfucker
I am like no other
You're a looped wheel in set stone and I'm not one to get smothered
I'll shake your reality
And I know it's hard to see when everything around you falls off so suddenly
Come and look through my eyes
Reflecting reflections
Fuck your intentions
I've lost more then you could handle
No comprehension
Where ever you go there you are
A bitter resentment
Attack due to revenge
An empty redemption
You're just blind
How can you be so devised
I don't exist to comply
Oh will I ever change
Makes me wonder how I got this way
Hate just isn't born it's made
Look around
Hate isn't born it's made

Lyrics by Jaycob Puente
Track Name: Under The Over (Drown The Noise)
Where's it at
Who gives a fuck
Drown the noise
I've lost my soul and ran amok
I disposed of everything generic
I doused myself in esoterics
Feel like there's nothing left to see
Why can't you just let me be
Feels like here's nothing left to care about
I'm full of shit an other lout
Have you ever met a man who knows what he don't know
I'm such a man with no place to go
Have you ever met a man who questions who he's become
I am this man cries what have I done
Have you ever seen a part of you in someone else too
I am that part
You are me
I am you
Have you ever gave it all just to give it all up
Now I like to say I don't give a fuck to drown the noise
In and out it's every day
Don't you listen to the words I say

Lyrics by Jaycob Puente